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Vinyls in Hospital Sector


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    We offer a rich selection of vinyl products to the Hungarian public and private healthcare, catering and retail sectors.


    We distribute solely high quality vinyl products that meet specific requirements.

    Our vinyl collection meets functional requirements (Sanitized quality), as well as being aesthetic and trendy.

    Our customers can learn about the detailed characteristics of the chosen vinyl, along with receiving quality certificates, a manual guide and cleaning instructions.

    Properties of the vinyls we offer:

    • high wear and tear resistance
    • certain types are saliva resistant (useable on furniture in kindergartens)
    • available for indoor and outdoor use
    • rich colour selection
    • trendy and wear-resistant, available in specific patterns
    • combinations of different types, available both plain and with patterns
    • water-repellent, oil resistant and salt resistant types
    • electrostatics black vinyl appropriate for use on examination tbales
    • shiny, leather-like, smooth and flexible surfaceswith structured design
    • thickness and composition according to customer specifications