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Curtain divider track


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    Our curtain divider track systems are designed for use in hospitals.


    Cubicle Track System

    The final form and arrangement of the installed track system can be fully adapted to the requirements of the healthcare institution, thanks to its modular build-up.

    Our tailor-made curtains made from antibacteial fabrics are fitted to the track system. A complete suspended track system can be put up with bent components.

    Telescopic Divider Rail

    The telescopic divider rail for healthcare is a new addition to our sortiment; it offers an alternative for space-dividing.

    It is easily protractible and foldable when not in use, thus it doesn't stand out. We supply curtains of various fabrics for our track systems: monochromatic or with different patterns, flame-retardant and antibacterial, easily cleanable, for which certificates are available from certifying institutions.

    Another addition to our sortiment is the disposable curtain made out of polypropylene, which is indispensable in intensive care, infectious diseases wards, and in acute care.

    Both the track systems and the dividing curtains conform to EU standards, for which we hold relevant certificates.